Valentine Ideas

1.     Pop Rocks= Valentine, You “Rock”

2.     Koolaid= Valentine, you sure are “Kool”!

3.     Tic Tacs= Tic Tac Toe Game

4.     Matchbox  Cars=Valentine, I “Wheelie” like you.

5.     Snickers=Valentine, you make me “Snicker”.

6.     Pencils=Valentine, You’re Just “Write” for me!

7.     Peeps=Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Peeps!

8.     Tootsie roll pops or tootsie rolls=Happy Valentine’s Day, “Toots”! or You are sweet and fun, all “rolled” into one.

9.     Rolos=Valentine, I like the way you roll!

10. 3 Rolos tied together like dynamite=Valentine, You’re the Bomb or You’re Dynamite or You’re a Blast

11. Popcorn, pop tarts, pop rocks, or soda pop=Valentine, You’re a Pop Star

12. Lucky Charms=I’m Lucky to Have you as a Valentine!

13. Chewy things (gum, Charleston chew, chewy oat bar, jolly rancher chews candy taffy, Laffy Taffy, etc)= Valentine, I “chews” you.

14. Orbit gum=Valentine, You’re outta this world

15. Crazy Straw=Valentine, I’m “crazy” for you.

16. Apple Jacks, apple juice, or dried apples=Valentine, You’re the “apple” of my eye.

17.  Mr. Goodbar=Valentine, You’re so “good” to me!

18. Symphony bars=Valentine, you’re “music” to my ears! Or You’re the “song” in my heart!

19. Krackel Bars=Valentine, you “krack” me up!

20. Chips Ahoy Cookies=Ahoy, Matey! Be my Valentine!

21. Funyuns=Valentine, You’re so much “fun”!

22. Cracker Jack=Valentine, You “crack” me up.

23. Crayons=Valentine, You “Color” my world with happiness.

24. Crush soda=I’ve got a “Crush” on you.

25. Seed packet=Valentine, let’s watch our friendship “grow”.

26. Peanuts or other nuts=I’m “nuts” about you.

27. Bananas, banana chips, banana bread or runts banana shapes=I go “bananas” over you! or I’m “bananas” for you!

28. Cheese Nips=It might sound “cheesy”, but I like you, Valentine!

29. Oreos=It’s as plain as “Black and White”, I’d love to be your Valentine!

30. Extra Gum=Valentine, you’re EXTRA special to me!

31. Teddy Grahams=Valentine, I like you “beary” much! or “Bear hugs” for you, my Valentine!

32. Strawberries or other berries=Valentine, I like you “berry” much!

33. Kit Kat=Valentine, you’re the “Kats” meow!

34. Marshmallow=Valentine, your are “sticky” sweet!

35. Kid scissors=Valentine, your’re a “cut” above the rest!

36. S’mores package or S’more bars=I need “S’more Valentines like you! Or I couldn’t ask for anything “S’more” than to have you for a valentine.

37. Paintbrushes, Waltercolors=Valentine, you “color” my world with happiness!

38. Glue Sticks=Valentine, let’s “stick” together!

39. Highlighter=Valentine, you’re the “highlight” of the class (of my day, of my world, etc)

40. Ruler=Valentine, you really measure up!

41. Glitter=Valentine you really sparkle!

42. Googly Eyes= Valentine, I’ve got my “eyes” on you!

43. Word Search Books=You won’t have to search anymore, I’ll be your Valentine!

44. Reese’s Pieces= I go to “pieces” for you, Valentine! Or I love you to “pieces.”

45. Pixie Sticks=Valentine, you are sweet!

46. Sticky notes=Valentine, I’m “stuck” on you!

47. M&Ms= Have a Marvelous and Magnificent Valentine’s Day!

48. Goldfish Crackers or Swedish fish=Will you o”fish”ally be my Valentine? Or You’re a great Catch!

49. Two of Anything=Valentine, we’re Two of a kind!

50. Shovel=I “dig” you!

51. Rainbow Pops=I’m over the Rainbow for you!

52. Cookie cutter=Valentine, you’re my favorite “cookie” or You’re a “cut” above the rest!

53. Notepad and/or crayons, pencil or pens=valentine, you’re “write” on

54. Mints=Valentine, we were “mint” to be.

55. Silly Bands=Nothing “silly” about me wanting to be your Valentine!

56. Bag with owl topper and candy =Valentine, “owl” always be yours. or Look “hoo’s” sending you a Valentine.

57. Playing cards=Anyway you cut the cars, I’ll be your Valentine! Or It’s no “game”, I wanna be your Valentine! Or You’re my Ace! Or I’m betting you’ll be my Valentine, or You Suit Me or We’re Two of a Kind.

58. Chapstick or lip gloss=Read my lips, Valentine:  I’m yours!

59. Sidewalk chalk=Anyway you “chalk it up”, I’ll be your Valentine!

60. Bubbles=Valentine, you “blow” me away!

61. Candy Corn or Cornuts=Nothing “corny” about me wanting to be your Valentine!

62. Loose change=Will you be my Valentine?  It makes “cents” to me! Or Don’t ever “Change”, Valentine!

63. Paint=Valentine, you “paint” my world with fun!

64. Thumbprint= “thumb” body loves you!

65. Fortune Cookies=I’m “fortunate” to call you my Valentine!

66. Capri Sun (fruit punch flavor)=I’d be pleased as “punch” if you’d be my Valentine!

67. Animal Crackers=Valentine, it’d be a “circus” without you around!

68. Candy sticks= “Stick” with me, Valentine!

69. Bookmark=Mark my words, Valentine, you’re mine!

70. Lemonade packet=Nothing “sour” about wanting you for my Valentine!

71. Bouncy Balls=Have a “ball” this Valentine’s!

72. Glow Sticks=Valentine, you make my heart GLOW.

73. Magnifying glass=I’ve got my eye on you, Valentine!

74. Deck of Cards=Write “52 Things I love about You”

75. PB&J=We stick together like PB&J

76. Donut Holes=I love you a hole bunch!

77. Mountain Dew=I love everything you “dew”.

78. Soda=I “soda” think you are amazing.

79. Olives or sugar cookies decorated like olives= “Olive you”

80. Stickers=I’m stuck on you!

81. Plastic Dinosaur=Have a Dino-Mite Valentine’s day

82. Plastic lion=You’re sweet and I’m not “lion”.

83. Map or globe=You mean the world to me!

84. Socks=We’re the perfect pair!

85. Sewing kit=You’re sew special to me!

86. Band-Aids=I’m stuck on you!

87. Buttons=You’re cut as a button!

88. Magnets=I can’t resist your pull!

89. Matches= We’re the perfect match!

90. Soap=I was “soapin” you’d be my Valentine!

91. Hot pad=You warm my heart!

92. Sheep picture=I love “ewe”

93. Rocket Ship= “You’re outta this world.

94. Maze=I think you’re amazing!

95. Flower=I’d pick you anyday!

96. Candle=You light up my life!

97. Hammer=You make my heart pound!

98. Hearts all over with cute sayings=You’ve had a heart attack

99. Sucker=I’m a sucker for you!

100.                Blowpop sucker=You blow me away!

101.                Donuts= “Donut” you know I love you!

102.                Hot Tamales=You’re a hottie!

103.                Hershey’s treasures= I will always treasure you!

104.                Mustache=I “mustache” you a question, Will you be my Valentine!

105.                Sucker or other sticky thing=You can count on me when things get “sticky”.

106.                Sucker bouquet or other sweet=I’m sweet on you.

107.                Heart candy=My “heart” beats for you!

108.                Pear=You are “Pear”fect

109.                Plums=You’re Plum Perfect

110.                Measuring spoons or cups=Valentine, you really measure up

111.                Scoop=Here’s the scoop! Be My Valentine

112.                Soup=I think you are “souper”

113.                Hot Chocolate or fuzzy slippers, socks etc=Valentine, You make me warm and fuzzy inside!

114.                Free pillow box printable:

115.                Free Crocodile Valentine printable:

116.                3D Card

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